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Migrate from release 7 to release 8

This application note lists how to migrate from from release 7 to release 8.

The user guide has been adapted to new release 8. Special boxes provide the reference for Legacy release 7.

Legacy version 7

Special boxes provide the reference for Legacy release 7.

New features

Release 8 includes new very large fonts with sizes of 96, 128, 192 and 248 pixels.

All the application libraries are unchanged, except the File and Serial libraries.

The File ans Serial functions now return a result, RESULT_SUCCESS if successful and RESULT_ERROR otherwise, to be checked before updating the screen.

The screen libraries now read the OTP table for optimal image quality.

Deprecated features

Release 8 does not deprecate features.

Modified features

Screen models

Release 8 inaugurates a new naming scheme for the screen models, closer to the product numbers. The new naming scheme drops the suffixes _BWR, _BWRY, _Fast or _Wide; and includes instead the screen film and driver. The only remaining suffix is _Touch for the screens featuring touch.

The screen model starts with eScreen_EPD, contains the size, the film and the driver taken from the product number and separated with a _.

The product number of the panel is printed on the back of the screen, on the top line close to the QR-code.


The screen with product number CE2271CS094 corresponds to a 2.71” panel with film CS and driver 09. The last digit 4 is ignored.

- Size Film Driver -
CE2 271 CS 09 4
eScreen_EPD _271 _CS _09

The screen model for the constructor is eScreen_EPD_271_CS_09.

Screen_EPD_EXT3_Fast myScreen(eScreen_271_CS_09, boardRaspberryPiPico_RP2040);

The prefix of the screen model has been simplified from eScreen_EPD_EXT3 to eScreen_EPD. Similarly, the prefix of the frame-buffer has been shortened from frameSize_EPD_EXT3 to frameSize_EPD.

For more information about the screen model, please refer to the Model name explanation and The different types E Ink imaging film pages on the Pervasive Displays website.

Editions and variants names

Evaluation and Commercial editions

The names of the variants of the Evaluation and Commercial editions are unchanged.

Viewer edition

The name of the variant of the Viewer edition is unchanged.

Basic edition

The names of the variants of the Basic edition are unchanged.