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Basic edition

The basic edition support global update for all screens and fast update for the E2271PS09 screen. It provides all the functions for shapes and text. It is shared under Creative Commons - Attribution ShareAlike.


Two procedures are available to install the library: using the Arduino IDE or downloading from the GitHub repository.

  • Launch the Arduino IDE and call the menu Sketch > Include library > Manage libraries...;

  • Search for PDLS;

  • Select the library and click on Install to install it.


  • Launch the Arduino IDE.

  • Call the menu Tools > Boards... to select a board.

  • Call the menu File > Examples > PDLS_EXT3_Basic > eScreen_EXT_WhoAmI.

  • Ensure the library is included.

#include "PDLS_EXT3_Basic.h";
  • Edit the line and set the correct screen and board.
Screen_EPD_EXT3 myScreen(eScreen_EPD_EXT3_271, boardLaunchPad);
  • Click on Verify or Build.

The screen should display