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The Graphics object stores and shares parameters used by the graphic elements.



Ensure the screen is declared and initialised according to the configuration procedure.

#include "Graphics.h"

The pre-processor statement includes the GUI library.

Graphics myGraphics(&myScreen);

The constructor Graphics() sets the link to the screen.


begin() initialises the GUI with the default parameters.

The default parameters set the colours of the interface to black for text, white for background and grey for middle.

Then, if needed,

myGraphics.setColours(, myColours.white, myColours.grey);

setColours() sets the front, back and middle colours of the interface.


For monochrome and colour e-paper screens, ensure the selected colours are supported.


The graphic elements include the following objects

and one function

  • Label called from a Graphics object.

All the listed elements are implemented on e-paper screens.