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Viewer commands

PDLS-Viewer offers the following keyboard commands.

Key Command Key Command
H or ? Help
S Save the screen on disk
Q Quit
X Add an horizontal division W Remove an horizontal division
Y Add a vertical division T Remove a vertical division
Z Zoom-in A Zoom-out
L Rotate left or clockwise R Rotate right or counter-clockwise
O Select coordinates mode
I Inverse image
D or Space Back to default parameters

General commands


  • Press H or ? to display or hide the help panel.

The help panel lists the active keys and displays the parameters for the grid, the orientation and the zoom.

Default parameters are:

  • No horizontal and no vertical grid

  • Zoom set at 2x

  • No rotation

  • No coordinates

  • No inverse

Screen capture

  • Press S to capture the screen and save it on disk.

The resulting file includes Capture_ with a three-digit incremental number. The help panel displays the number.


  • Press Q to quit.

Display commands


  • Press X to add or W to remove an horizontal division.

  • Press Y to add or T to remove a vertical division.


  • Press Z to zoom-in or A to zoom-out.


  • Press L to rotate left or clockwise.

  • Press R to rotate right or counter-clockwise.


Press O to change the coordinates mode.

Four mode are available.

The pointer mode displays a green dot. A green bold circle simulates the area pressed-down.

The coordinates mode displays the coordinates in a transparent filled circle.

The finger mode displays the coordinates in a solid filled circle to simulate what the finger hides.


Press I to inverse the image and back.


  • Press D or Space to clear grid, zoom, rotation, coordinates and inverse.