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Getting started

The Pervasive Displays library suite comes in three editions:

  • The Basic edition support global update for all screens, fast update for the E2271PS09 screen, and touch with fast update for the P270PGH01 and P370PGH01 screens. It provides all the functions for shapes and text. It is shared under Creative Commons - Attribution ShareAlike. It is a set of standard Arduino libraries.

  • The Evaluation edition support global update for all screens, and fast update and partial update for monochrome screens. It includes the fixed Mono font and the proportional Serif and Sans Serif fonts; application libraries like graphics, GUI and bar- and QR-code. It comes as pre-compiled libraries for evaluation only and non-commercial usage. It is a set of pre-compiled Arduino libraries.

  • The Commercial edition adds to the Commercial edition the use of external SPI SRAM memory for the frame-buffer and external SPI Flash memory for the fonts. It provides the source code for commercial usage. It is platform-agnostic: the set of standard Arduino libraries could easily be ported to any other SDK.

The Used environment page lists the requirements for each edition.