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Pervasive Displays Library Suite

The Pervasive Displays library suite is specifically designed for the Pervasive Displays monochrome and colour iTC panels and the EXT3 extension board.

It provides a high-level interface to drive the e-paper screens with global, fast and partial update, supports capacitive touch and haptic feed-back.

General architecture

The suite contains three layers:

  • The application libraries include graphics with clock, gauge and histogram; GUI with label, button, check-box or slider; codes with bar- and QR-codes; file to save and retrieve BMP and serial to generate header files on serial console;

  • The screen libraries support additional screen-specific features for the Pervasive Displays e-paper screens;

  • The shared libraries provide the common classes with basic routines and the interface for the peripherals GPIO, UART, SPI and I²C; along with the fonts libraries.

An appendix contains application notes, reference designs, a glossary, an index, copyright, licence and disclaimer and other documents.


The documentation consists on two documents:

  • This User guide focuses on how to use the different libraries, with commented examples;

  • The Reference manual lists all the objects and functions, with details for their parameters and returned results.

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