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Viewer edition

The Viewer edition runs as a Linux and Windows native application to simulate an e-paper screen and manage touch. It shares the same fonts and application libraries with the Commercial edition.

It allows to develop the application software independently of the hardware. It is meant to be used with the Commercial edition.



Ensure the hardware and software configuration meets the requirements listed at the Used environment page.

The library is available as packages with source code and header files.

Screen Content
PDLS_EXT3_Viewer_Touch Touch monochrome screens, global and fast update modes
Font Content
hV_Font_DejaVu_Header DejaVu fonts on internal Flash memory
hV_Font_Terminal Terminal fonts on internal Flash memory
Application Content
hV_Graphics Advanced graphics
hV_GUI GUI with touch and haptic feed-back
hV_Code Bar- and QR-code
hV_File BMP and header file on SD-card
hV_Serial Header file on serial console


  • Launch the IDE.

  • Ensure the library is included.

#include "PDLS_EXT3_Viewer_Touch.h";
  • Edit the line and set the correct screen. The board can be ignored.
Screen_EPD_EXT3_Fast myScreen(eScreen_EPD_370_PS_0C_Touch, boardNone);
  • Launch the build process.

  • Launch the executable.

The screen should display