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Release history

Release 5.2.4

Library Content
Files Added print to serial console
Files Added support for large screens 9.69” and 11.98”

Release 5.2.3

Library Content
GUI Added rounded style

Release 5.2.2

Library Content
Common Peripherals ported to Linux
Files Added header files

Release 5.2.1

Library Content
GUI Added table and keyboard elements
Graphics Added channel element

Release 5.2.0

Library Content
Graphics Improved graphics and simplified syntax
Common Improved stability for calls to peripherals

Release 5.1.2

Library Content
Advanced_Fast_Global Improved contrast for E2B98CS0B
Configuration Added ESP32-DevKitC board

Release 5.1.1

Library Content
Advanced_Fast_Global Improved stability for external SPI SRAM
Advanced_Fast_Large Improved stability for external SPI SRAM
Advanced_Fast_Medium Improved stability for external SPI SRAM
Advanced_Fast_Small Improved stability for external SPI SRAM
Advanced_Fast_Touch Improved stability for external SPI SRAM

Release 5.1.0

Library Content
Advanced_Fast_Large Added PDLS_EXT3_Advanced_Fast_Large
Advanced_Fast_Medium Improved consistency with PDLS_EXT3_Advanced_Fast_Large
Advanced_Fast_Small Improved consistency with PDLS_EXT3_Advanced_Fast_Large
Advanced_Fast_Touch Added support for E2370CS0C - Touch
Advanced_Fast_Touch Improved consistency with PDLS_EXT3_Advanced_Fast_Large

Release 5.0.9

Library Content
Peripherals Added Arduino mbed and RP2040 settings exceptions
Advanced_Fast_Small Added support for E2271PS09 - Fast
Advanced_Fast_Touch Added Added support for E2271PS09 - Fast
CodeQR New underlying QR-code library

Release 5.0.8

Library Content
Peripherals Added TivaC SPI settings exception
Advanced_Fast_Small Added support for E2437CS0C
Advanced_Fast_Global Added support for E2969CS0B and E2B98CS0B

Release 5.0.7

Initial release

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